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About us 

Animal Protection Aegina Agistri (APAA) is a non-profit charity "founded in 2006"  operating on the Greek islands of Aegina and Agistri, in the Saronic Gulf.


APAA is managed by a five-member committee elected by the general assembly every three years. The current members of the committee are: Irini Molfessi-President, Katerina Athanasiou-Vice President, Elizabeth Koubena-Secretary, Karin Adrio-Appel-Treasurer, Maria-Christina Kalogera-Member, and Danae Seemann, Julie Oldroyd and Manuela Tillack-Luebke-Alternates. 


APAA provides care to abandoned companion animals and helps keep the population of strays under control. APAA spays/neuters over 800 stray cats and dogs each year, while also providing medical care, vaccinations and food. APAA owns a dog shelter and runs a successful rehoming program. 


APAA works with partner- charity Aegean Dogs, set up in Germany to support the shelter and the homing program

dogshelter aegina animal protection agistri
volunteers at dogshelter aegina animal protection agistri
the dogs at shelter animal protection aegina
Animal Protection Aegina
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