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How you can help


With your support, we can help more stray animals 

Click here to make a donation. Thank you. 

You can also donate dog food, cat food, medicine, animal crates and other accessories. 


Please contact us for more information.

dogs at shelter animal protection aegina agistri

Adopt a stray from the shelter 

Our shelter cares for dogs of all types and ages that need a loving family. To prepare them for adoption, we give the dogs basic training and get them socialized with people and animals before leaving the shelter. They are carefully assessed to make certain they will be paired with the right families. All of them get health checks, and are vaccinated, dewormed, neutered if they are the right age, and microchipped in the name of the new owner. Dogs are adopted with an adoption contract.

Click here to meet our dogs 

dog at shelter animal protection aegina agistri


Fostering is the temporary housing of an animal by an individual or a family. It is an invaluable service for sensitive, fragile or timid dogs who don’t do well in a shelter environment. It gives them the time and space to recover in a family setting. If you love animals but cannot adopt one, fostering for a few weeks/months is a great way to help animals.

If you are interested in finding out more about fostering, please contact Elena Foudouki.

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Sponsor a dog 

Sponsorships not only support the dog financially, helping cover the cost of food, medicine and veterinary bills; it also triggers a flow of positive energy towards the dog, which has beneficial effects on multiple levels. We never cease to be amazed seeing a newly sponsored dog suddenly pick up, as if they feel that help is being directed at them, and engage actively in the process that leads to an adoption. 

If you love dogs, but cannot adopt one, sponsoring is another great way to help them. 

You can sponsor a dog or gift a sponsorship to a friend or loved one for 30 euros per month. And you are very welcome to visit the shelter and walk the dog. 

Choose your sponsor dog

For further information, please contact Julie Oldroyd. 

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We need help with walking and grooming dogs, but we also need helping hands with all sorts of small repairs at the shelter. 


If you live on Aegina and would like to volunteer, click here to contact us. 

APAA does not have a program set up for international volunteers.

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Neuter a stray animal

You can neuter stray cats and dogs through one of our neutering programs. Click here to contact us. 


Have your companion animal neutered and encourage your friends to do the same with theirs. Neutering will prevent unwanted births and has many health benefits for the pet.

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