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Aegean Dogs

Aegean Dogs is our sister organization based in Germany and the group that helps keep APAA financially stable. It is run by Manuela Tillack-Luebke who created the German charity in 2011 with the specific aim to support the shelter and our dogs. Aegean Dogs runs our German website.

Aegean dogs

Friends of the Strays of Greece

Friends of the Strays of Greece is a UK charity run by Lyn and Mark Purden since 2002. The charity supports many animal protection groups in Greece, helps improve shelters, runs sterilization programs, raises funds for food and veterinary care and helps rehome stray dogs and cats.

Friends of the Strays of Greece

Cats of Aegina and Agistri

Cats of Aegina and Agistri is a small animal welfare initiative founded in 2004 by Katrin Achek from Berlin that helps fund our cat neutering program and provides some medical care.

cats of aegina agistri

The Dutch team

We have a group of Dutch friends who come to help at the shelter every year. They love to walk the dogs at the shelter and cuddle with the dogs they sponsor. When they are in the Netherlands, they also think of the Aegina animals and arrange fundraisers. With their help, we were able to get ANBI Status in the Netherlands. With the ANBI status, gifts from private Dutch donators to APAA can be deducted from income tax. 

anbi status animal protection aegina agistri
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