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Fire protection at the dog shelter in Aegina

Our dog shelter in Aegina is in the middle of the forest looking down into the valley. It is a beautiful setting, but it is also a dangerous setting when it comes to forest fires. As the summers get hotter and hotter, we have consulted with our local fire department and have been taking measures.

Last year we got a permit from the Forestry Ministry to trim the pine trees around the perimeter of the shelter; we also cleared away dry brush. We considered installing an automatic water sprinkling system but the logistics, cost and the fact that there is no company in Greece which installs such systems outside, makes it unfeasible.

We made an emergency exit at the back of the shelter in case the front exit is blocked.

New fire exit dogshelter Animal Protection Aegina & Agistri

We have been a told that there are two types of fire we could face.

One - a fire starting down in the valley.

By the time it would get to the shelter, the temperature could be 1800 degrees, and would incinerate everything. In this case, the fire dept says RUN, and get the dogs out. Two - a fire starting in the forest across the road from our entrance. This one could be containable, and hopefully the fire trucks would be able to offer help.

We have also made an evacuation plan. We have people willing to take dogs in their private kennels and yards, and they would drive their cars to the entrance of the dirt road. Andreas would have to load the van with as many dogs as possible and make multiple trips up and down to get all the dogs out. There are a number of unknowns in this plan, depending where the fire is, etc., but it is nevertheless a plan.

Jolie at dog shelter Animal Protection Aegina

Aegean Dogs is covering the cost of another water tank and some extra water (which we have to buy at 30 euros a truck load). We need more water in general at the shelter, both for drinking, cleaning and putting into the septic tank (which clogs up with too much waste and not enough water), and possible fire fighting. It would also help us to use more water to dampen the area around the shelter.

Next winter we want to install pipes to collect the rain water to run into the cistern. This will be a big help in the future. Aegean Dogs will cover part of the cost of all the above measures, but we need to find sponsors to cover the rest.

In the meantime, we wait for rain. Keep us and all our dogs in your mind this summer and wish us well and safe. Elizabeth Koubena for APAA

Noodle and Nada at dog shelter Animal Protection Aegina



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