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Fistiki Fest 2023

Every year for the past 14 years, Animal Protection Aegina Agistri has had a booth at the annual Fistiki Festival in Aegina, celebrating the new crop of Pistachios (fistikia in Greek). We started out as an information booth, and then started selling a few tshirts, and little by little, expanded the range of items in the booth to be able to gather more money for our dog shelter which holds between 90-100 dogs.  Thanks to the many people who donated home-made crafts, and the work of our group of volunteers, this was our most successful year ever.  A big thank you is due to many people.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped with this year’s APAA booth at the Festiki Festival in Aegina.

First of all,  thanks to Julie Oldroyd who took over the management and did a great job.   Thanks to Rene Pappas who made the lights and helped us set up the booth so it would look more organized than last year.  

Thank you -  Antonia Dimitroulakou, Evita Thoma, Sarah Blais, Danae Seeman, Penny Chatzinas, Talin Gazerian, Aimee Ansari, Chris Martin, Despina Dracou for working at the booth.      

Thanks to Manuela Tillack-Luebke-Luebke and her team at Aegean Dogs for the hand-sewn bags, mugs, pens and dog/cat blankets. Thanks to Maureen Kassi for cards, painted rocks and knitted dog coats, to Rena Pappas for animal plaques and cans and stuffed animals. Thanks to Eleni of Tzitzis Pet Shop for donation of various animal products.  Thanks to Chris Martin for making new table cloths with painted paws on them.  Thanks to Elena Foudouki for her wonderful photos and helping create a brand new calendar for APAA.  Thanks to KEDA for giving us a booth.  

 And finally, thanks to all of you who came and supported APAA by visiting our booth.  APAA remains committed to the care of our dog shelter, and various programs to help the dogs and cats of Aegina.  



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